Fooled By Antique Jhumkas With Price

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After everything is settled, the fun part begins in choosing which fancy bracelet you may want to wear or add to your collection. Also in the collection is the Bismarck sapphire necklace, designed by Cartier and sporting a central sapphire weighing 98.6 carats, which Mona Von Bismarck donated to the museum. Step 5: Apply glue to the spool, and wrap the uncut edge of the fabric around the spool. Step 4: Fold the fabric strip into fourths, then cut the fabric into 1/8-inch-wide strips, stopping 1/2 inch from the top edge. Step 6: Cut 2 pieces of yarn, about 8 inches each. Cut ribbon into two 4-inch pieces, and glue pieces around the spool over the fabric. Thread yarn pieces through screw eye, and tie ends together for hanging.

This decorative hanging will make everyone gasp and gawk at its beauty. Step 1: Use acrylic paint to paint the finial. When the fancy earrings paint is dry, have them line their pots with aluminum foil. Let dry, and repeat. Paint finial with varnish; let dry. Step 2: Paint the jack-o’-lantern face on an orange ball with black paint. Paint the middle ball orange, and paint the rest of the final however you’d like. Glue the spool to the bottom of the finial. Continue gluing and wrapping fabric around the spool until completely wrapped. Cut the fabric into strips, but be careful that you don’t cut all the way through. Wrap the fabric around the spool. Step 3: Glue spool to bottom of finial; let dry. Step 2: Cut a sheet of black glitter felt into 1-inch strips.